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A Healthy Lifestyle Includes Self-Care


Emotional Self-Care is a precursor to a better life. Taking a few minutes to jot down your thoughts is a great way to alleviate stress. There are many benefits of taking a few minutes daily to write down your thoughts in a journal. Such practices help you get a better understanding of these tangible and ephemeral thoughts. Studies show, depression, stress and anxiety are lessened when putting your thoughts on paper. It provides an opportunity to self-talk and become cognizant of negative thoughts.

Healthy Diet:

A nutritious healthy diet is just as important as being physically active. Having a well balanced, nutritious diet affects mental health. Recent studies have shown, “A healthy diet can boost brain function and improve mood”. Furthermore, being deficient in nutrients can contribute and exacerbate underlying mental health concerns. The cliche “you are what you eat” holds validity. Having too much sugar, artificial flavors and processed foods create havoc on your health. “Studies have proven a connection between diets that are high in refined sugars and impaired brain function, including symptoms of mood disorders like depression”. Loading up on fruits and vegetables is the way to go along with an active lifestyle.


Research has shown numerous health benefits in those who devote some time to spirituality. It quiets the mind and calms matters during tumultuous times.  It is grounding and provides solace. “People who meditate have increased activity in a “feel-good” area of the brain”. It can simply mean calming the noise and being grateful. In essence, this decreases the stress which is the culprit for many diseases.


Human beings are social creatures. The preferred amount of socializing may vary person to person but everyone craves human interaction from time to time. It is important to foster strong relationships and have close ties with a few people you trust and can talk to, laugh with and vent. Studies have shown, “friendships boost your happiness and reduce stress”. There are many benefits of spending time with good friends. Not only is it a great change but also boosts your confidence, advances your social skills and it also sharpens your skills on how to communicate with others. 

Mental Self-Care:

There are many activities you can do that will help sharpen your mental capabilities. As we age our minds lose its sharpness and vitality. Challenging ourselves in new activities creates new neurological pathways and keeps our mind sharp. Learning a new language, playing a new instrument and involving ourselves in new activities serve as great ways to keep the mind young and healthy. 


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